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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Persimmons – Fall’s Forgotten Fruit

In the cool days of autumn we seek brightness and warmth. We find them in the golden and fiery colors of fall foliage, orange pumpkins and persimmons! Often referred to as “the food for the gods,” persimmons typically don’t cross our plates as often as they should. There are hundreds of varieties of persimmons, but […]

Randall’s Pumpkin Bisque 2.0

As the weather cools, we embrace autumn and the wonderfully warm and savory food that comes with it. The return of the season’s beloved colorful pumpkins and squash are celebrated by the masses, and we find comfort in rich soups, spices and hearty dishes. Our patriarch, Randall Selland, welcomes the season annually with his pumpkin […]

Salmon and Smoke

Salmon and smoke have been an illustrious combination for centuries. Along the Northwest coastline of the United States, salmon are revered and were a main food source for our predecessors. Their spawning and migration patterns from river to sea were carefully observed in hopes of catching a bounty to provide nutrient rich food throughout winter. […]