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Monthly Archives: February 2016

You Say “N-Dive” And I Say “En-Deev”

Endive are so special that they are grown twice. Though they were originally discovered by accident, they are truly a labor of love to farm and produce. The world’s largest producer of endive, Rich Collins of California Endive, happens to be right in our backyard of Rio Vista, California. The cool weather crop is part […]

Caviar Dreams

Delicate salt-cured eggs from sturgeon make up one of the finest and oldest delicacies in the world… caviar. Since the 13th century, caviar has been an item associated with luxury and opulence. On the second course of the February menu at The Kitchen, you can relish in luxury with locally harvested caviar from our friends […]

Meyer Lemon – Winter’s Golden Gift

Although winter can be the dreariest season, it brings gifts of vibrant citrus in a variety of colors, sizes and flavors. One of our most beloved citrus fruits of the season is the wonderfully aromatic Meyer lemon. Native to China as an ornamental tree, the Meyer lemon was brought to the US in 1908 as […]