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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Green Garlic – The Harbinger of Spring

We like to think of bright, fresh spring garlic as the harbinger of spring. The very earliest and first-growing part of the garlic plant, it is harvested while the plant is still immature. Spring garlic can best be thought of as baby garlic. It looks a bit like a scallion or leak with its long […]

The Stinging Nettle – Hurts So Good

Stinging nettles grow like a weed in the wet woods and countrysides of Northern California, perhaps so prolific because the sting wards off would-be predators. They are best when gathered early in the season, from February to mid-April. Our friend and forager extraordinaire Connie Green of Napa’s Wine Forrest Mushrooms often sources them for us […]

Sunchokes, The Many-Monikered Tuber

Don’t let the plain packaging fool you. The rather homely sunchoke is actually a mighty fine tasting tuber with a slightly sweet and nutty artichoke flavor and a texture similar to a fingerling potato, making it perfect for many preparations in the kitchen. A member of the sunflower family, the sunchoke is a tuber native […]