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Early Spring 2019 

(Available March 6th through March 31st)

Presented by Executive Chef Kelly McCown

Please call 916 568 7171 for reservations

We are happy to accommodate any dietary restrictions, allergies and preferences. Menus are subject to change due to seasonality and availability of the best quality ingredients.

first course
Giving Way to Spring
Butter Basted Cold Smoked Sea Scallop

Crispy Sunchokes, Yuzu and Coulis of Avocado and Young Wasabi

Chef’s Notes: Early Spring; a time of rebirth and awakening from a cold winter’s slumber. A time that we all yearn for the new shoots and new flavors while holding onto some of the bright gems of winter. With this is mind we present our cold smoked scallops, butter basted and served atop a coulis of avocado spiked with young wasabi root and the last bits of cool weather yuzu citrus. Finished with crispy local sunchokes, it’s our ode to the warmer days to come.

second course
The Strongest Spring Flower
Pan Roasted Atlantic Turbot

Artichoke-Pistachio Purée, Confit of Artichoke and Spring Green Garlic

Chef’s Notes: Long a symbol of strength, and in case of the Scots, one of defiance, the humble thistle can be quite stately. In California one regal thistle has long been a harbinger of Spring, the artichoke. Rearing its noble top across the central coast of our state this time of year, the bitter sweet and nutty delicacy is something we all look forward to. We begin with sautéed turbot, it’s firm sweet flakes playing the perfect foil to an unctuous purée of artichoke, pistachio and Spring green garlic. Served alongside a confit of tiny artichoke hearts and crispy garlic, we indeed feel this is a dish befitting a king.

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third course
Two Peas in a Pod
Spring Pea Agnolotti

Pea and Vietnamese Mint “Veloute”, Citrus Spiced Peanuts and Borage Blossoms

Chef’s Notes: What says Spring louder than the humble pea… but why should the trumpeting of Spring be left squarely on the “shoulders” of only one legume? We thought it time to bring the cousins together. Citrus spiced peanuts arrive to create an incredible accent to our sumptuous pea filled agnolotti atop a pea and mint sauce. Finished off with tiny pea tendrils and borage blossoms, we find it hard to believe it’s taken us so long to bring these wonderful legumes together.

fourth course
It’s Not Easy Being Green
Braised and Grilled Montana Beef

Stinging Nettle “Cannelloni” and Jus of Ash Roasted Nantes Carrots

Chef’s Notes: Especially when one is prickly, you can be a bit misunderstood. However, those of us in the “know”, see beyond the prickly exterior and into the delicious character of tender and earthy stinging nettles. Abundant in Spring all over Northern California, the prickly nettle is a tasty seasonal treasure. Cooked in cream and crème fraîche and lovingly rolled, our nettles provide the perfect accent to our rich braised Montana beef and slightly sweet jus of local Nantes carrots.

dessert course
One Last Hurrah
Grapefruit Mousse

Kalamansi Jam, Frosted Kamut and Green Apple Meringue

Chef’s Notes: As we leave Winter behind, we do come to the realization that there are certain things we will miss. Trips to the snow, being curled up by the fire, the warm embrace of the Holidays, and of course the amazing citrus that graces us each year. With this firmly at our attention, it is time for seasonal citruses last hurrah. Light and airy grapefruit mousse is set off by a tart and tangy Kalamansi jam. Finished with a lightly frosted heirloom grain, kamut and tangy green apple meringue, it’s clear we are not ready to put all things winter aside… just yet. Bon Appetit!