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Early Summer 2019

(Available June 5th through June 30th)

Presented by Executive Chef Kelly McCown

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We are happy to accommodate any dietary restrictions, allergies and preferences. Menus are subject to change due to seasonality and availability of the best quality ingredients.

first course
A Latin Affair
Ceviche of Bay Scallops

Agua Chile, Avocado, Citrus and Buckthorn

Chef’s Notes: Few cuisines are as varied and complex as that of Latin America. Steeped in centuries old history and peppered with different cultures along the way, its influences are now felt all over the world. Drawing on this rich history, we present our Scallop Agua Chile to welcome the warmth of Summer. Robust in flavors of charred and dried chiles, lime and cilantro, we marinate sweet bay scallops. Nestled in creamy avocado and topped with tangy buckthorn, it’s truly a Sueno de Verano.

second course
Gio’s Touch
Pacific Ahi Tuna Arepa

Herbed Crème Fraiche, Crispy Puerco, Lychee and Cilantro Aioli

Chef’s Notes: In any kitchen inspiration is felt in the diverse cultures and experiences of the ones working in it. Growing up in Colombia, our sous chef Gio Sarmiento, brings many of the flavors of his home to diners at The Kitchen. In celebration of one of Colombia’s culinary treasures, Gio puts his spin on a beloved dish that dates back 3000 years, the Arepa. Stone ground masa is combined with crème fraiche and spices to create the unctuous cake on which thinly sliced ahi tuna is layered. Topped with crispy prosciutto, lychee, and cilantro aioli, we honor the rich history of this culinary classic.

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third course
Gift of the Gods
“Tamale” of White Corn Pudding

Prosciutto de Parma, Slow Smoked Heritage Pork, Poblano Crema and Tomatillo

Chef’s Notes: In our continued celebration of summer corn, we present one of the oldest foods, the tamale. Dating back some 8000 to 5000 BC in Mesoamerica, these wrapped pouches of corn and filling were considered by many cultures to be the food for the Gods. With much reverence we offer our nod to this great culinary tradition. Fresh white corn pudding surrounds lightly smoked and slow roasted heritage pork. The mix is then wrapped in prosciutto and banana leaves and lightly steamed until tender. Finished with a slightly spicy poblano chili crema and pickled tomatillos, we think the Gods will be happy.

fourth course
One Sauce, Many Stories
Smoke Roasted Mole Spiced Beef Short Rib

Squash Blossom, Huite la Coche and Mole Jus

Chef’s Notes: From its origin in the Convent of Santa Clara to the Michelin starred kitchen of Pujol, mole has a long, storied, and multifaceted past. Each cook who embarks on their creation of the iconic finds a labyrinth of complex flavors and his or her own voice.  Embarking on our own journey, we impart these varied flavors to the rich pedestal of smoked and roasted beef short rib. Cured in a rich mélange of spices then smoked and crispy roasted, our short rib is placed alongside early summer squash blossom filled with a silky custard of huite la coche, otherwise known as the Mexican truffle. Finished with a spiced beef jus, we add to this amazing culinary journey.

dessert course
Cultural Youngster
Tres Leches Cake

Crema of Early Summer Cherries, Brown Sugared Almonds and Apricot

Chef’s Notes: The flavors of Latin America have a long and rich history, with most dating back thousands of years. However, some of the most iconic dishes are rather “young”. Developing from the cross cultural trade between the old world and the new, the tres leches cake did not find root in Latin America until the early 19thcentury.  With an origin traced back to medieval Europe, this soaked cake has become synonymous with Mexican cuisine…and here’s our take on it.  Our Tres Leches cake is served with first of the season cherry crème, brown sugared almonds and finished with tangy apricots. Here is to the start of Summer. Bon Appétit!