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Early Summer 2019


arrival wine

MV Delamotte, Champagne, Brut, Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, Cote des Blancs, France

Pairing Notes: We are thrilled to begin the evening with bubbles from one of our favorite houses. This wine is predominately Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier are added to finish the personality of the wine. The finish is elegant and perfectly balanced with notes of white flesh fruit, peach and lemon zest.

first course

2016 Pazo Barrantes, ​Albariño, ​Rías Baixas, Spain

Pairing Notes: The Pazo de Barrantes estate in Rias Baixas, Spain and its winemaking history dates back to 1511. It is currently being run by two siblings Chus Suarez Llanos and Vicente Cebrián. The wines from the Pazo de Barrantes estate are rumored to be some of the first white wines grown in this region. Aromas of fresh yellow lemons and flowers meet the cilantro with a clean freshness. The wonderful acidity and long finish of this wine pairs remarkably with the creamy avocado.

second course 

2015 Pata Negra, ​Verdejo, ​Rueda, Spain

Pairing Notes: The winemaking of Rueda dates back to the 11th century and Pata Negra is a wonderful example of preserving that tradition. The Verdejo grape was almost completely wiped out from the phylloxera outbreak of the 1800’s. Gaining popularity in the 1970’s the Verdejo grape has made a full recovery, thanks to the help of many small producers in the Rueda region such as Pata Negra. Noted for its balance of acid and fresh fruit it makes for a wonderful pairing with the cilantro and lychee.

third course 

2018 Dos Minas,​ Malbec​, Cafayate, Salta, Argentina

Pairing Notes: Old Argentinian slang for girl is Mina. So here we have Dos Minas, or two girls. Lucia Romero from Argentina and Heather Willens from Los Angeles run this almost 6000 ft elevation winery from the high valley of Cafayate in the Northwest of Argentina. This structured Malbec offers dark plums on the nose. Having a nice backbone of tannins the wine is an unctuous selection for the slow roasted pork tamale.

fourth course 

2012 Gómez Cruzado, ​Rioja Reserva​, La Rioja, Spain

Pairing Notes: Gómez Cruzado winery dates back to 1886 and is currently run by David González and Juan Antonio Leza. This winery is located at the world famous Barrio de la Estación which is the train that travels through the historical winemaking region of Rioja. This wine has an undeniable Old World feel to it. Bold and fruity, yet balanced with a silky elegance. A true hero to stand up to the beef short rib’s decadence.

dessert course 

2015 La Fleur D’or, Sauternes, France

Pairing Notes: Bill Blatch is a négociant that purchases high quality grapes from lesser, well-known classified parcels throughout the Sauternes region of Bordeaux. Bill consistently produces rich elegant yellow colored wines that smell like apricot orchards and orange blossoms. The flavors are full and vivacious on the palate with apricots and fresh honey, which is balanced by the wines zingy acidity.

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