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Every month, Chef Kelly McCown and his team of chefs reveal a new seasonal menu with five new amazing courses. Guests are treated to a dining experience like no other, watching the chefs prepare these dishes before their eyes, interacting with the crew and exploring the restaurant and wine cellar, and ordering seconds on any of their favorite dishes and ingredients.

What many who are newer to The Kitchen experience may not know, is that tucked in between the second and third course is our “Intermission,” which is not simply a break to stretch your legs and ready your palate and waistline for more food. The Kitchen’s Intermission is actually another fun, unique culinary experience in and of itself, often named as a favorite “course” by our guests – a mini-detour from the night’s culinary path that is a food and drink lover’s delight.

An example of an Intermission offering in Summer – Sweet Summer Corn on the Cob with chili and lime

During Intermission, Chef Kelly McCown and Chef de Cuisine Allyson Harvie take to the stage again to let guests in on what they have in store, the special treats they have prepared especially for that evening. They always offer something a bit different depending on the season and on their own creative ideas that day, with about 10-12 amuse-bouche sized offerings available. Guests enjoy everything from croquettes, variations of sushi and sashimi, tempuras, and tataki to chilled soup shooters, shrimp cocktails or seafood salads, and ALWAYS fresh, chilled Hog Island Oysters on the half shell.

These oysters are one of the highlights of Intermission. We’ve been driving to Tomales Bay weekly for years to bring the best oysters available on the West Coast to our guests in Sacramento. The Kitchen is the only restaurant in town (besides our sister restaurant Ella Dining Room and Bar) that carries the coveted Hog Island Oysters, and at The Kitchen’s Intermission you can enjoy them to your heart’s content.

Hog Island Oysters are served raw on the half shell, and at times in a Rockefeller style preparation

Of course, this being The Kitchen, we don’t just stop at the food. Our Sommelier Tesh Diyal and his team of wine stewards have curated a top notch selection of Sakes, Japanese beers, sparkling wine and highly allocated, rare Bourbons and Scotches to pair with the Intermission offerings. With each evening’s selections ever-changing, you’ll see gems like the Hitichino White Ale, Rihaku Nigori unfiltered sake, Macallan M, and Shramsberg Blanc de Blancs all by the glass, as well as many other adventurous libations. In addition to the tried and true pairing of oysters with sake or sparkling wine, Tesh especially likes introducing guests to the pairing of Oysters and Whiskey. Be sure to try that exciting combo next time you’re in!

Guests “cheers” each other with refreshing Sake and an Intermission bite of Truffled Popcorn

What started long ago at The Kitchen’s original location with Chef/Owner Randall Selland handing guests pieces of raw fish over the counter to taste while he prepared the the Third Course seafood dish, has grown over the years into a full-fledged course and experience of its own. So when you dine at The Kitchen, get yourself prepared to take full advantage of your “Intermission.” Get up and explore, chat with the chefs and sommeliers, enjoy the seasonal selection of delicious palate-cleansing bites, and hop up on stage to order a crisp clean Sake or a rare, hard-to-find Whiskey. At The Kitchen, the world really is your (Hog Island) oyster!