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July 2016 Menu
(begins July 6th)

Celebrating 25 Years

Presented by Executive Chef Kelly McCown and Chef Owner Randall Selland

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 We are happy to accommodate any dietary restrictions, allergies and preferences. Menus are subject to change due to seasonality and availability of the best quality ingredients.

First Course
Magical Grain
(A 25th Anniversary “Greatest Hits” Dish)
White Corn Bisque
Roasted Yellow Corn, Button Chanterelles
Crème Fraiche and Summer Truffles

Chef’s Notes: Of all the grains eaten in the world, corn – or maize – is surrounded by more legends and folklore than any other. Corn has been planted, tended, harvested and consumed for millennia, and so it’s no wonder that there are myths about the magical properties of this grain. Now it’s time for us to work some magic with our rendition of Randall’s famous corn bisque. Redolent with sweet white and roasted yellow corn, and buoyed by aromatic truffles and summer chanterelles, we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate this harbinger of summer.

Second Course
Tataki of East Coast Sea Scallop
Chili Scallion Glaze, Dry Fried Pole Beans, Crispy Garlic and Sesame

Chef’s Notes: Though the Jack in the beloved tale did have to steal from the giant once he climbed the beanstalk, it proved to be a prosperous endeavor. Our culinary riches from the beanstalk come in the form of summer pole beans of all shapes and sizes, wok-fried with ginger, garlic, and scallions to seasonal peak. The pole beans are served alongside succulent sea scallops bathed in sesame. Jack would have easily spent his purloined riches on this dish.

Walk around. Visit and sample at chef stations.
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 Third Course
Free Bird
Tea Smoked Pekin Duck Breast
Daikon Rice Cake, Ginger,
and Chinese Black Bean Sauce

Chef’s Notes: In Chinese culture, the duck is a symbol of freedom, being a creature that is comfortable in all three physical realms – earth, sky, and water. Keeping in mind the freedom of summer, we present this beautiful duck dish. Incredible Pekin Duck from Sonoma County is tea-smoked and served alongside an earthy daikon rice cake and an unctuous black bean sauce, producing a dish that will make all the senses take flight.

Fourth Course
Three Sisters
Tomato Butter-Basted Beef Tenderloin
“Gratin” of Summer Squash, Cured Tomato Jam
Crispy Potatoes and Provencal Jus

Chef’s Notes: The Iroquois believe that corn, beans and squash are precious gifts from the Great Spirit, each watched over by one of three sisters spirits, the Deohako, first of corn, second of beans, and third of squash. With reverent thoughts of these staples of summer, we find our inspiration for The Kitchen’s July beef dish. Slow roasted beef tenderloin is lovingly basted with a rich tomato butter and served with a caramelized “gratin of summer squash” and tangy Provencal Jus.

 Dessert Course
Randall and the Giant Peach
Peach Meringue “Pie”
Compote of “Crushed” Summer Peaches and Caramel Vanilla Swirl Ice Cream

 Chef’s Notes: In honor of Randall’s travels through the magical parts of the culinary world, we tell our story of July’s dessert through one of summer’s greatest treasure, the peach (see: Giant). With perfect local peaches baked into the rich custard of our pie and hand crushed to a sweet peak in our compote, this is truly a celebration of the wonders of the culinary journey. Bon Voyage!