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June 2016 MENU

Celebrating 25 Years

Presented by Executive Chef Kelly McCown and Chef Owner Randall Selland

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We are happy to accommodate any dietary restrictions, allergies and preferences. Menus are subject to change due to seasonality and availability of the best quality ingredients.

First Course
Flowers of Summer
(A 25th Anniversary “Greatest Hits” Dish)

Bisque of Delta Asparagus
Parmesan “Flan”, Squash Blossoms, Bachelor Buttons and Summer Truffles

Chef’s Notes: June brings us the beginning of summer, resplendent with warm fields of delicate flowers in the green and yellow hues of Solstice, and our local farmers bounty. In celebration of one of our favorite times of the year we bring you Chef Randall’s famous Asparagus Bisque. Alongside the rich nuttiness of Delta asparagus sits a sumptuous Parmesan flan topped off with aromatic summer truffles, a cherished Kitchen dish to start off a cherished time of year.

Second Course
The Wives’ Tale
Fried Green Tomato “BLT”
Poached Farm Egg, Crispy Pancetta, Avocado, Arugula and Jalapeno Hollandaise

Chef’s Notes: There is an old wives’ tale that on the Summer Solstice you can balance an egg on its end. In honor of this, we have decided to balance our beautiful poached farm egg atop a tangy fried green tomato with our take on the classic BLT. Paired together with crispy pancetta and creamy avocado, and lovingly sauced with a piquant jalapeno Hollandaise, we think this tall tale may just be true.

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Third Course
The Long Day
Soft Shell Crab “Singapore Noodle”
Chili Garlic Glaze, Ginger, Crispy Onion, Gai Lan and Lemon Grass

Chef’s Notes: There is a Chinese tradition of eating noodles in celebration of the Summer Solstice. ”After eating noodles on the Solstice day, daylight gets shorter day by day.” With this tradition in mind, we perch crispy and spicy soft shell crab on incredibly robust and savory noodles. With copious ginger, chilies and Asian herbs, we couldn’t think of a tastier way to honor summer.

Fourth Course
Setting the Watch
Smoked Rib Eye of California Grass Fed Beef
Sierra Nevada Porcini, Farro Verde, Pepitas and Roasted Pepper Vinaigrette

Chef’s Notes: For many years in the British Isles, bonfires have been lit on Solstice to pay homage to the longest day and the life around it. With the hint of smoke in the air and thoughts of Solstices past, here is our amazing Beef Rib Eye from long-time California cattlemen, Richards Ranch. With another Sierra Mountain dweller, the prized porcini mushroom, by its side, ours is a tasty omen of things to come.

Dessert Course
Midsummer Night’s Dream
Summer Cherry Clafoutis
Almond Cake, Lemon Mousse and White Chocolate-Candied Ginger Ice Cream

Chef’s Notes: Shakespeare writes, ”Her lips are luscious fruit like ripe and tempting cherries.” And nothing says hello to summer like cherries. In our version of this Midsummer Night’s Dream, tree ripened local cherries find their home on a pillow of almond cake, dressed with lemon mousse, slightly baked, and finished with decadent white chocolate ice cream. Hello summer, we’ve missed you!