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June 2018 Menu

(Available June 6th through July 1st, 2018)

Presented by Executive Chef Kelly McCown and Chef de Cuisine Allyson Harvie

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We are happy to accommodate any dietary restrictions, allergies and preferences. Menus are subject to change due to seasonality and availability of the best quality ingredients.

first course
Spanish Sun
Escabeche of Hawaiian Shutome

Early Orchard Fruits, Nasturtium, Almonds and Saffron-Poached Hearts of Palm

Chef’s Notes: As we teeter on the beginning of summer, and thunderstorms still rage in the Sierras, we can’t help but be swayed by the thoughts of warm evenings with bright and intensely flavored foods.  With the first course of our June menu we hope to transport you to the bustling tapas bars of Spain.  We begin with densely textured wild-caught Spearfish bathed with Banyuls and local olive oil.  Served alongside lightly smoked almonds, peppery nasturtium and slightly sweet hearts of palm scented with delicate saffron, and the first of the season orchard fruits, it is time to raise a glass to the beginning of summer.

second course
A Gift from Above
Agnolotti of Corn

Summer Truffle, Burrata Custard, Salad Burnet and Wild Pecan Butter

Chef’s Notes: It’s no secret that Chef Kelly has some unique views on the origin of corn – some might even call it a conspiracy theory.  Potentially left here for us lowly terrestrial beings from some ancient “other worldly” visitors, we may put all that aside momentarily as a foolish notion while we embrace the most emblematic of summer foods.  We begin by wrapping sweet corn “pudding” in delicate egg pasta and then placing it atop rich creamed burrata, creating the perfect vehicle for summer truffles redolent with scents of hazelnut and vanilla. Drizzled with wild pecan butter, we think even those elusive visitors would be happy with what we’ve done.

Walk around. Visit and sample at chef stations.
Enjoy our garden patio. Relax by the fire.

third course
One Lie for Another
“Ham” of Sonoma County Duck Breast

Wild Elderflower, “Carameled” Cherries, Tokyo Turnips and Verbena

Chef’s Notes: It seems odd that the enduring myth of the young George Washington proclaiming in all honesty to have cut down the cherry tree, was in turn written in falsehood by one of Washington’s first biographers, Mason Locke Weems, to simply sell books.  As persistent as this myth is our affinity to the cherry. This time around we pair our little taste of summer with a delicate caramel of elderflower and verbena, which plays perfect foil to the ham-styled Pekin duck breast.  Along with earthy-sweet local Tokyo turnips, we can’t help to think this is the truth we seek.

fourth course
Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder
Peppered Butter Poached Beef Tenderloin

Estero Gold “Fondue”, Leek Compote, Crispy Sunchoke and Morel Mushrooms

Chef’s Notes: The infamous gastronome Brillat-Savarin once wrote, “a meal without cheese is like a beautiful woman with one eye.” Though a tad gauche, we can appreciate the sentiment, as few things are as universally loved as cheese.  As the list of incredible fromagers grows in our region, we thought it high time to feature them.  Starting with a lovely Parmesan-styled cheese from Western Marin County, we whip it into a light fondue of sorts, creating a rich cloud on which to rest our amazing tenderloin of beef.  Topped with those treasures to the east, the morel mushroom, and finished with crisp sunchokes and melted leeks, what better way to celebrate these local treasures?

dessert course
Let’s Put the Top Down
Frangipane and Apricot Tarte

Earl Grey Ice Cream and Blueberry

Chef’s Notes: It’s convertible season, time to put on the shades and drop the top.  Though classically the French word for tarte can be interchangeable with pies as well, we thought for this time of year, we would leave the top down. We begin by layering a flaky short dough with fresh apricot preserves and then bake an aromatic layer of almond frangipane in place.  Served alongside this are a lovely tea-scented ice cream and ripe blueberries. Get the sunscreen out, summer is coming. Bon Appetit!