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May 2017 Menu

(Available May 3rd through May 28th, 2017)

Presented by Executive Chef Kelly McCown, Chef de Cuisine Allyson Harvie
and Chef Owner Randall Selland

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We are happy to accommodate any dietary restrictions, allergies and preferences. Menus are subject to change due to seasonality and availability of the best quality ingredients.

First Course
Pina Colada
Glazed White Ecuadorian Prawns
Pique de Pina, Crisp Plantain, Coconut “Mousse”, Cilantro and Grilled Pineapple

Chef’s Notes: The earliest known story of this infamous drink, tells us of Puerto Rican pirate Roberto Cofresi, who gave his crew, experiencing low morale, a mix of pineapple, coconut, and white rum. Well, it’s time for us to lift your spirits with a taste of the Tropics. Richly glazed prawns sit atop grilled piquant pineapple, lavishly finished with a whipped savory coconut mousse and hints of spicy chili. A toast to warmer times!

Second Course
Blue Lagoon
Roasted Alaskan Halibut
Lemon Grass Beurre Blanc, Oyster Mushrooms, Sea Beans and “Preserved Lemon”

Chef’s Notes: Harry’s New York Bar has a long and storied history with a real cast of characters – from Coco Chanel and Jack Dempsey to Humphrey Bogart and Rita Hayworth. It was here in 1972 that the brilliant turquoise classic cocktail was born. Here at The Kitchen, we are taking these deliciously tangy flavors and pairing them with our pan roasted halibut. Our lemon beurre blanc kissed with Blue Curacao and lemon grass helps to nestle the flaky fish among sea beans and roasted oyster mushrooms in a dish Coco would surely find fashionable.

Walk around. Visit and sample at chef stations.
Enjoy our garden patio. Relax by the fire.

Third Course
Roasted California Squab and Confit
Rhubarb, Juniper Berry, Campari and Endive “a l’Etuvee”

Chef’s Notes: In 1947, while on correspondence in Rome for the Coshocton Tribune, Orson Welles encountered a “new” drink, the Negroni, remarking that “the bitters are excellent for your liver, the gin is bad for you. They balance each other out.” Balance is what we are after in this sumptuous dish of juniper-scented roasted California Squab and spring rhubarb tinged with Campari. Finished with a robust squab jus and a hint of orange, we can see why this is such a classic.

 Fourth Course
Butter Poached Beef Tenderloin
Smoked Purple Asparagus, Creamed Bloomsdale Spinach, “Tobacco” and Manhattan Jus

Chef’s Notes: Though the origin stories are many – some truthful some not so (including one with Winston Churchill’s mother) – the one we like the most finds the famous drink’s birth at a corner of Broadway near Houston Street. Deceptively simple but singularly enduring, what better pairing could there be than with classic beef tenderloin, reminiscent of cocktails, cigars, and old steakhouses. Set atop creamed Bloomsdale spinach with smoked asparagus and a rich sauced perfumed with Rye, we finish off the dish with the aromas of a golden age.

Dessert Course
Hemingway Daiquiri
Lime “Crème Brulee”
Macerated Spring Berries, Rum and Sweet Crème Fraiche

Chef’s Notes: While frequenting El Floridita, the historic fish restaurant and cocktail bar in Havana, Hemingway first tried their signature drink, remarking, “That’s good, but I prefer it without sugar and double rum.” We’d like to make an adjustment too. Let’s start with bright lime custard topped with a crisp “shell” of raw sugar alongside macerated spring berries and rum-laced sweet crème fraiche. Papa would be proud.