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Presented by Executive Chef Kelly McCown and Chef Owner Randall Selland

first course
“Hot Sour Salty Sweet”
Market Melons and Rock Shrimp with Thai Chile Vinaigrette

Sea Beans, Crispy Lotus Root, Roasted Peanuts, Bean Sprouts, Green Coriander
and Trinity Herbs

Chef’s Notes: Hinged on the driving flavor elements of South East Asian Cuisine and sweet local watermelons from Beatrice Jimenez in Stockton, this dish is a bright and bold ‘taste of summer’ experience. Watermelon and fresh Pacific Rock Shrimp are marinated with Chile-Citrus Vinaigrette and served with lightly pickled Bean Sprouts, crushed Roasted Peanuts, and the peculiarly briny and crunchy hand foraged coastal succulents, which we call Sea Beans. To all this we add the trinity herbs of Thai Basil, Cilantro, Green Coriander and Mint all sourced from the gardens at Passmore Ranch in Sloughhouse.

second course
“Othello’s Handkerchief”
Delicate Egg Yolk Pasta with Golden Summer Chanterelles

Braised Sweet White Corn, Fromage Blanc, Shaved Truffle, Society Garlic
and Frothed Parmesan

Chef’s Notes: Just as in Shakespeare’s play, it’s the dropped handkerchief that hides all the intrigue. Delicate small sheets of egg pasta are draped over a mix of warm Fromage Blanc from Cow Girl Creamery, Summer Truffle, and White Corn braised in a stock made from the cobs to accentuate and intensify the delicious sweetness of the August corn from local Sacramento farmer, John Perry. Topping the pasta is the summer treat of Saskatchewan true Button Chanterelle Mushrooms, as well as a light froth of Parmigiano-Reggiano and the surprisingly sublime pungent flavor of the Society Garlic Blossoms.

third course
“Roman Road Escolar”
Grilled Pacific Butter Fish with Gypsy Pepper “Piperade”

Pork Chorizo, Smoked Paprika, Finn Potatoes, Little Neck Clams and Rouille

Chef’s Notes: With a nod to Roman influence and the opening of the cultural and the culinary ‘road’ between the diverse Basque Region and Rome, we create a culinary journey from the sea to the mountains. Grilled Pacific Butter Fish is placed on ‘cobblestones’ of Riverdog Farms Finn Potatoes seasoned with a Pipérade of sweet local Gypsy Peppers and Smoked Spanish Paprika. Juicy Little Neck Clams are braised with smoky house cured Chorizo and finished with the Olive Oil richness of a classic Basque Rouille.

fourth course
“Course Camarguaise Libre”
Slow Roasted Olive Oil and Tomato Cured Beef Tenderloin

Confit of Cherry Tomatoes, Onion Sofrito, Provençal Olive Jus, Brandade Croquette
and Savory Herb

Chef’s Notes: The ceremonial dance of removing the colorful bows from the middle of the lyre shaped horns of the ‘wild’ Provençal bull is a powerful image from antiquity that inspires us for this lovely dish. Beef Tenderloin is ‘cured’ in a bath of crushed tomatoes and local cold pressed Olive Oil and then slow roasted to a lovely richness. Playing the part of the colorful bows are Cherry Tomatoes from Watanabe Farms, tossed with an Onion Sofrito and Summer Savory. With the south of France on our minds, the beef sits atop a crispy Brandade Cake and sauced with a Beef and Tapenade Jus.

dessert course
“A Bushel and Peck…”
Honey Glazed Stone Fruit with White Chocolate Ice Cream

Almond Frangipane, Candied Ginger and Anise Hysopp

Chef’s Notes: With the orchards in full harvest all over the valley, we look to celebrate the bounty we find in the shade of the trees and the buzz of the bees. Brenner Ranch Peaches and Nectarines are macerated in local Solstice Honey and placed alongside roasted Almond Frangipane and Wild Anise Hyssop. Adding a luxurious element is a White Chocolate Ice Cream spiked with subtle Candied Ginger.