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Presented by Executive Chef Kelly McCown and Chef Owner Randall Selland

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We are happy to accommodate any dietary restrictions, allergies and preferences. Menus are subject to change due to seasonality and availability of the best quality ingredients.

first course
“The Birth of Venus”
Butter Basted Sea Scallop
Creamy Salsify, Fines Herbes and Shaved Winter Truffles 

Chef’s Notes: Just as Botticelli’s vision of beauty coming forth from the scallop shell, we bring you this lovely scallop dish served in its shell. East Coast Day Boat scallops are lightly seared and then butter basted with tarragon and garlic to a caramelized peak. Placed atop a lightly creamy salsify enhanced by fines herbes, braised shallots, and finished with shaved truffles, we couldn’t think of a more beautiful way to start our December menu.

second course
“The World Capital of Gastronomy”
Strudel “Lyonnaise”
Braised Leeks, Applewood-Smoked Bacon, Mustard Vinaigrette,
Frisee and Poached Farm Egg

Chef’s Notes: “The World Capital of Gastronomy, ” was how Curnonsky defined the Lyonnais region of France in 1935, and indeed the word Gastronomy itself was first coined by Joseph de Berchoux in Lyon during the 1770’s. Drawing from this rich culinary history, we take inspiration for our Strudel Lyonnaise. Starting with slowly melted winter leeks, onions, and applewood-smoked bacon wrapped in crispy brick dough, we play foil to the unctuous richness of the poached farm egg, while setting all this off with a punchy mustard vinaigrette. With a touch of delicately bittersweet frisee, we think our version of this classic Lyonnaise salad will have you longing for this culinary mecca.

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third course
“Just for the Halibut”
Broiled Alaskan Halibut
Lemon Beurre Blanc, Beet Ravioli, Lemon Grass and Wild Fennel

Chef’s Notes: All jokes aside it’s time to celebrate one of the most cherished tastes from the sea, the mighty Alaskan Halibut. Prized for its ivory white and subtly sweet filet we focus our attention on just that. Broiled and served classically with a lemon beurre blanc, with hints of lemongrass and lime leaf, we pair it with incredible local beets that have been transformed into delicate ravioli. With a sprinkling of wild fennel, we let this “Ole’ Man of the Sea” do all the talking.

fourth course
“Surf and Turf”
Slow Roasted Tenderloin of Angus Beef
Lobster Agrodolce Sauce, Young Onions, Ginger and Shiitake Mushrooms 

Chef’s Notes: Even though Sterns’ Encyclopedia of Bad Taste refers to this combination of culinary kitsch “as to maximize hedonistic extravagance”, we’re okay with that! We unabashedly serve our slow roasted tenderloin of Angus beef with a devilishly rich lobster agrodolce sauce piquant with luxuriously tangy spiciness and “wok” seared shitake mushrooms. Take that Sterns, we’re not quite sure what you’re talking about.

fifth course
“What’s – What”
Vanilla – Salted Caramel and Coffee and Chocolate Swirl Ice Cream Sandwiches
Caramello Sauce

Chef’s Notes: In 1927 at San Francisco’s historic Playland at the Beach on the Great Highway, a local legend was born… the It’s-It. Since then, this ice cream sandwich has grown to almost mythical proportions and now it’s time for our turn. Taking two hand spun ice creams, sandwiching them between freshly baked cookies and serving them astride a caramello dipping sauce, we think we are going to give the original a run for its money. Bon Appetit!