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Presented by Executive Chef Kelly McCown and Chef Owner Randall Selland

first course
“Randall’s Pumpkin Bisque 2.0”
Fall Pumpkin Bisque
Confit of Cache Creek Chicken, Chicken “Chicharrones”,
Fresh Turmeric and Fall Apples

Chef’s Notes: While celebrating these lovely harbingers of the fall season, we also celebrate one of the famous (or infamous) dishes from our illustrious leader, iconic chef and founder of The Kitchen, Randall Selland. Known for it’s incredibly silky texture, we put a new spin on this bisque of Passmore Ranch pumpkins with the addition of chicken confit, crispy chicken skin “chicharrones” and heirloom apples from Patrick Hoover. ‘All hail the king…’

second course
“Salmon and Smoke”
Maple “Plank Smoked” Pacific Steelhead
Shaved Brussels Sprouts, Fuyu Persimmons, Virginia Ham,
Sauerkraut and “Red Eye” Vinaigrette

Chef’s Notes: All along the Northern and North Western Coastlines of North America, the relationship of the salmon to woods is intrinsic and mythical. From this magical relationship one of the most recognizable food flavors was born…that of rich salmon and unctuous smoke. In this vein, we take Pacific Steelhead and roast it on maple wood planks, imparting a subtle sweetness to the fish. Set along side shaved Brussels sprouts, Virginia ham, and the perfect sweet foil of Fuyu persimmons, this much beloved combination is brought to you still smoldering with intense flavor. 

third course
“Chicken Fried”
Crispy Fried ‘Jumbo’ Rock Shrimp
Celery Root Remoulade, Calabrian Chili, Celery Hearts, Poached Quince,
Fines Herbes and Paprika Dulce

Chef’s Notes: Taking inspiration from a classic Southern dish with a nod to French – Creole influence, we introduce our ‘yummy’ rock shrimp. Marinated with paprika rich spice then fried crisp, we serve these tasty little morsels atop a creamy celery root remoulade studded with freshly shaved celery hearts and Pineapple quince. Throw in a sprinkling of Calabrian chili peppers along with crispy garlic and we take you to the “Big Easy”.

fourth course
“Au Classique”
Roasted Angus Beef Tenderloin
Creamed Bloomsdale Spinach, Gratin of Young Turnips and Truffle Sauce

Chef’s Notes: Sometimes it truly is hard to go wrong with the classics. With this thinking and being mindful of the chill in the evening air, we present you with a ‘true classic’. We start with beautifully rich roasted Angus beef tenderloin set atop a vibrant puree of Bloomsdale spinach and crème fraiche, harkening back to those steak houses of yore. Topping this off is a cheesy turnip and Parmesan gratin focused on the best part…the crispy edges. Throw in the sublime flavor of a truffle studded port wine sauce and you can see why some dishes are timeless.

fifth course
“Candy Milk”
Caramel – Butterscotch “Pudding”
Chocolate Gelato and Crunchy Toffee

Chef’s Notes: In many cultures and in many names it pleases all the same…butterscotch. Slow cooked in the style of dulce de leche, we serve our butterscotch flan in all its pure glory flanked by a rich chocolate gelato. A sprinkling of toffee is all that’s needed to close out our welcome to autumn. Bon Appetit.