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November 2017 Menu

(Available November 1st through December 3rd, 2017)

Presented by Executive Chef Kelly McCown, Chef de Cuisine Allyson Harvie
and Chef Owner Randall Selland

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We are happy to accommodate any dietary restrictions, allergies and preferences. Menus are subject to change due to seasonality and availability of the best quality ingredients.

first course
Good King Richard
“Handkerchief” Acorn Pasta
Pumpkin Fromage Blanc, Perigord Truffle Custard Royale and Frothed White Truffle Cream

Chef’s Notes: It is widely believed that Richard II invented the cloth handkerchief, having adapted the common kerchief head covering of the day to a smaller cloth version for one’s personal uses. With the cooler temps coming our way and the chill brought to one’s nose, the thought of this “handy” item comes to our mind. Created from milled acorns, we craft a nutty handkerchief pasta, lovingly draped over earthy roasted pumpkin. Adorned with truffle custard and frothed white truffle cream, we think this would be a star in the King’s court.

second course
Ten-Pound Duck
“Ham Styled” Sonoma Pekin Duck Breast
Fuyu Persimmons, Pomegranate Coulis and Shiso

Chef’s Notes: In 1872, fifteen white ducks, ‘Shi-chin-ya-tze,’ hatched in then-Peking, were sent on a 124-day journey to New York city at the request of one James E Palmer. Upon arrival, only four remained, which in turn became the foundation stock of the American Pekin Duck. By 1873, these four ducks were reported to have laid more than three hundred eggs and were soon referred to as the “standard of perfection” by the American Poultry Association. In celebration of these amazing birds we present them in the most seasonal and American of ways – in the style of a ham. Cured and lightly smoked and set alongside crisp Fuyu persimmons and a bright and tangy pomegranate coulis, we are certainly glad they made the journey.

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third course
Smoking the Hive
Pan Roasted Porcini Dusted Sea Scallop
Smoked Honey “Gastrique,” Cider Poached Quince and Purslane

Chef’s Notes: The fact that smoke calms honey bees has been known since ancient times, though its exact scientific effect has only recently been explained. With the thought of this calming aspect of the smoke kissing the hive, we have our beautifully nuanced fall scallop dish. Pan roasted and butter basted sea scallops dusted lightly with unctuous porcini powder are accompanied by smoked honey and Banyuls vinegar. Alongside, in seasonal flair, are cider poached quince and citrusy purslane in a sublime ode the the mighty honey bee.

fourth course
Mon Petit Chouchou
Tobacco Cured Beef Tenderloin “Pastrami”
Port Wine Braised Red Cabbage, Potato-Chestnut Croquette and Green Peppercorn Jus

Chef’s Notes: Fall means family and love to many of us. Terms of endearment abound as we approach the holidays, and one of the most enjoyable is French for “young ones” –  mon petit chouchou, or, “my little cabbage.” As we consider the “swaddled” leaves, here is our cured beef tenderloin, redolent with peppercorn and juniper, placed atop port wine braised sweet red cabbage. Along with chestnut and potato croquette and a slightly spicy green peppercorn jus, we think this a fitting and delicious way to make us feel a bit like kids again.

dessert course
Renoir’s Memory
Hard Apple Cider Crème Brulee
Crepe Gateau, Apple Butter and “Nutella”

Chef’s Notes: Normandy – the birth place of 19th Century Impressionism, filled with visions of pastures, rugged coastlines, cottages and apple orchards. Resplendent in the harvest of fall, we offer a trip to this roughly beautiful land. Local apples are combined into a creamy apple butter sandwiched between slightly sweet crepes on which a creamy hard cider crème brulee sits, all topped off with a dense house made “Nutella”…the stuff of dreams. Bon Appetite!