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Late Fall 2018

(Available November 7th through December 2nd, 2018)

Presented by Executive Chef Kelly McCown

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We are happy to accommodate any dietary restrictions, allergies and preferences. Menus are subject to change due to seasonality and availability of the best quality ingredients.

first course
The Sweeter Sibling
Seared Hawaiian Walu

Green Curry Beurre Blanc, Coconut Caramel Black Rice and Glazed Bok Choy

Chef’s Notes: Curries are a beloved food originating in the Asian and Sub Asian cultures, and vary greatly depending on region. In Thailand there are three distinct curries one lending itself more to a mix of dried spices and the other two being a mix of fresh herbs, peppers and aromatics. Of the later, green curries are usually referred to as “wan” or sweet…and not due to flavor, but rather the cool green color imparted on the curry itself.  So in honor of this cool and spicy mix we offer our first course of Hawaiian Walu. Seared and set atop black rice cooked in coconut caramel and surrounded by a complex and robust green curry beurre blanc, we could not think of a better way to ward off November’s chill.

second course
A Tasty Currency
Pan Roasted White Prawns

Creamy Parmesan Grits, Charred Peppers and Onions, Bacon Jus and Crispy Pancetta

Chef’s Notes: The humble yet noble “low country” dish of grits can really trace its roots back to the Native American Muscogee tribe. The hominy like corn from which the dish is derived, was also used as a form of currency among the Native American peoples and early settlers of the region. It’s time to put the money where the mouth is…pan roasted white prawns are tossed with apple wood smoked bacon, charred peppers, and wine stewed sweet onions. Nestled in a pillow of creamy parmesan grits and topped with a rich bacon jus and crispy pancetta, we can see the worth.

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third course
Everyone Loves Pie
Crisp Potato and Sauerkraut Pierogi
Truffle Butter Brussels Sprouts, Chanterelle Mushrooms and Prosciutto

Chef’s Notes: Pierogi, the wide-ranging and ubiquitous dumplings of Central Europe, can most be readily interpreted as “feast pie”. As we enter the holidays and our own feasts come to pass, what better than to feature our version of this cherished dish. A succulent sour cream dough is wrapped around a classic mixture of creamy potatoes, house cured sauerkraut, and sautéed onions, then seared crisp. Placed atop fall chanterelle mushrooms and shaved brussels sprouts cooked with truffles, it’s our ode to the holidays of the old world.

fourth course
The Upper Crust
Butter Poached Beef Tenderloin
Potato – Turnip Gratin, Creamed Bloomsdale Spinach and Red Wine Jus

Chef’s Notes: Consider the gratin…cheesy, creamy, and crunchy on top, all the things we love. In fact, the term “le gratin” has been used in the Parisian language to describe the top of society, the very best. Now it’s time to bring back a classic from Chef Kelly’s repertoire, the potato – turnip gratin. Somehow taking only the best part of the gratin, the crispy and cheesy top, and twirling it into a rosette to be placed over the top of our sumptuous beef tenderloin. Resting on a bed of creamed Bloomsdale spinach and finished with a tangy red wine jus, we like our time in high society.

dessert course
Hau’oli La Ho’omaika’i
Dark Chocolate Butter Mochi
Chai Cremeux, Smoked Cocoa Nib and Pomegranate Jam

Chef’s Notes: Pronounced: how-oh-lee la ho-o-my-kah-ee, or Happy Thanksgiving on the Hawaiian Island. It’s not the easiest way to wish somebody good tidings for the holiday; then again Hawaii is a long way from Plymouth Rock. Though, from such a warm and welcoming place comes our inspiration for our November dessert. Dark chocolate butter mochi is nestled up next to rich and spiced chai crémeux and bright notes of pomegranate jam. Topped with smoked cocoa nibs, we can think of warm beaches while we settle in for the holidays…Bon Appétit!