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October 2018 

(Available October 3rd through November 4th, 2018)

Presented by Executive Chef Kelly McCown

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We are happy to accommodate any dietary restrictions, allergies and preferences. Menus are subject to change due to seasonality and availability of the best quality ingredients.

first course
The Original Jack
Fall Squash Agnolotti

Fire Roasted Poblano Crema, Toasted Pepitas and Maitake Mushrooms

Chef’s Notes: Though the Jack-o-Lantern’s mythological origins can be traced to early Ireland, the pumpkin itself is a much older “New World” dweller. The oldest evidence of pumpkins and squash has been found in parts of Mexico dating back between 7000 and 5500 BC. As a food staple for most of Mesoamerican cultures, we thought it time to mix new and old. We begin with roasted local pumpkins, seasoned with hints of coriander and cumin, rolled in delicate egg pasta. Set atop a smoky poblano crema and pan roasted hen-of-the-woods mushrooms, we couldn’t think of a better way to welcome Fall.

second course
What’s in a Name?
Pan Roasted California Steelhead

Porcini and Truffle Beurre Blanc, Crepe “Noodles” and Truffle-Braised Celeriac

Chef’s Notes: Called Hog Mushrooms by the Romans, for the English, Penny Bun, and the Germans call them Stone Mushrooms. In Mexico, Panza or Belly Mushroom, in Spain, Rodellon. The Dutch have referred to them as Squirrel Bread, in France the word is Cepe, and in Russia, it’s Pine Forrest. Finally, in Italy, and here in the states, we know them as Porcini Mushrooms – Boletus Edulis, “The King of Mushrooms”. Regardless of any name, one thing is clear, we love this rich harbinger of Fall. Sitting atop our porcini-laden beurre blanc is succulent Northern California Steelhead, nestled in sautéed ribbons of Burgundian Crepes. One thing’s for sure, with this dish, it’s good to be the king!

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third course
A Cherished Dish
“Southern Fried” Poussin

Sweet Butter Biscuit, “Bread and Butter” Tomatillos and Bourbon Maple Sauce

Chef’s Notes: Many beloved and revered iconic culinary dishes were born of cross-cultural meetings, hardships, or turmoil. Out of these tough times, dishes created for the community of the dinner table can transcend.  As a nod to these dishes, we present our version of a national classic – fried chicken. We begin with local poussin, brined, breaded and crispy-fried to a flavorful peak. Served alongside a flaky sweet butter biscuit and a bourbon maple sauce scented with pecans, we find this a fitting way to honor a classic.

fourth course
Local Legend
“Pave” of Braised Lamb Shank

Creamy Polenta, Preserved Lemon, Harissa and Mint

Chef’s Notes: In our region we are blessed with an abundance of farmers and ranchers. On that landscape, few are more affable and respected as Martin Emigh. Carrying on the tradition of sheep ranching for three generations, we are always beside ourselves and proud when we are able to feature his hard work and dedication. For October we are braising his beautiful lamb shanks, formed into pave and roasted to a crispy exterior.  Lovingly served atop creamy Anson-Mills polenta with a fresh gremolata of mint, preserved lemon and Kalamata olives, we are so glad to have Martin around.

dessert course
Harvest Basket
Pumpkin Mousse

Coffee Kataifi, Spiced Cashews and Dulce de Leche

Chef’s Notes: With the beginning of Fall, our minds race with the flavors and colors of harvest time. Colors of gold with red hues fill every corner of the home and hearth. Images of baskets filled with squashes, apples and gourds abound. With this in mind it’s time for our own harvest basket. Crispy kataifi nest scented with coffee is filled with a rich pumpkin mousse. Set atop delicious Dulce de Leche and sprinkled with spiced cashews. All we can say is “Hello Fall, we missed you!” Bon Appetit!