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A staple in French and Italian Cuisines, rabbit has the highest percentage of protein and fewest calories of fat per pound. It is also an extremely sustainable choice of protein, as it can produce 6 pounds of meat on the same feed and water on which a cow could only produce 1 pound of meat. Though France is the largest consumer and producer of rabbit, the rabbit used at The Kitchen comes from our good neighbors at Quinn Family Farms in Elk Grove, California.

About 15 years ago, John Quinn, owner of Quinn Family Farms, approached Randall Selland in Corti Brothers fine grocers in East Sacramento about using his rabbits on the menu at The Kitchen. Randall, wondering how John would be able to meet this demand was assured that “they reproduce like rabbits”.

For the past three decades, John and his family have been raising California Rabbits in Elk Grove. His children have participated in 4H and FFA and have won the Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion titles for their rabbits from the California State Fair for 15 years straight; one of their trophies is even kept here at The Kitchen.

The Quinn Family raise their trophy winners for seventy to eighty days on an alfalfa diet, which is grown in Southern Oregon’s nutrient-rich lava fields. Fifteen days before the rabbits are harvested they are finished on oats. The care that goes into their diet gives them an incredible amount of flavor. We are so thankful to have an excellent partnership with the Quinn Family, who provide us with delectable local rabbit to add to our menus.