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September 2016 Menu

Celebrating 25 Years

Presented by Executive Chef Kelly McCown and Chef Owner Randall Selland

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We are happy to accommodate any dietary restrictions, allergies and preferences. Menus are subject to change due to seasonality and availability of the best quality ingredients.

First Course
Fruit or Vegetable?
(A 25th Anniversary “Greatest Hits” Dish)
Late Summer Chilled Tomato Coulis with Dungeness Crab
Passmore Ranch Caviar, Toasted Quinoa
Crème Fraiche and Fines Herbes

 Chef’s Notes: Though botanically speaking the tomato is a fruit, its illusions of masquerading as a vegetable have long been disputed. Finally settled once and for all by the United States Supreme Court on May 10, 1893, declared by its use during dinner and not dessert, the humble tomato is indeed a vegetable (if only for tariff purposes). No matter as we celebrate this beloved edible of late summer in our ongoing series of 25th Anniversary “Greatest Hits” dishes. With summer sweet and tangy elements of vine-ripe tomatoes mixing with delicate Dungeness crab, crème fraiche, and Passmore Ranch Caviar, we can’t think of a better way to carry on the debate as we begin our September menu. It’s a win-win!

Second Course
Pan Roasted Kasu Monkfish Tail
Ginger Beurre Blanc, Forbidden Rice, Miso
Cucumber and Tobiko

Chef’s Notes: In honor of the Japanese celebration and tradition of “moon viewing” in early autumn, we present our humble nod to Jugoya, the moon of the solar calendar, which is said to be the brightest and most beautiful of the year. Bright moon-white monkfish is marinated with Sake Kasu and pan roasted, served atop forbidden rice, representing the night sky. Sauced with a twinkling of delicate ginger and sake beurre blanc, let us dine under the beauty of gekkou (moonlight).

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 Third Course
Pomona’s Watchful Eye
Parmesan and Ricotta Tortellini “en Brodo”
Market Peppers, Olive Oil, Smoked Paprika
and Cipollini Onions

Chef’s Notes: As the Roman Goddess of fruitful abundance, Pomona’s gaze is all too prevalent this time of year in the amazing farms of the Sacramento area. While taking in the bounty of harvest, it’s time to feature a star of this time of year, the pepper. Beginning with an array of local sweet peppers, we create a vibrant and fresh broth, redolent with the flavors of September. Paired with Parmesan tortellini, we relish the simple complexity of this harbinger of harvest.

 Fourth Course
Freddie’s Entrecote
“Steak Frites”
Seared Butter Poached Beef Tenderloin
Crispy “French Fried” Potatoes, Braised Endive and Maître d’ Butter

 Chef’s Notes: Café du Paris in Geneva is known worldwide for its amazing steak dish and its steadfastness to the original 1940’s recipe. Since we too can appreciate tradition, here’s our version of the much beloved classic. Beginning by slowly “poaching” our beef tenderloin in Maître d’ butter we then sear it to a succulent peak. Our frites use local dry-farmed potatoes, bathed in milk and crispy fried to create a match made in heaven. Bon appetite, Monsieur Dumont!

Dessert Course
A Kiss for the Bushel
Tarte Tatin of Patrick’s Apples
Vanilla Sauce, Frangipane, Caramel and Sweet Cream

 Chef’s Notes: Early in American history, picking apples was sometimes parlayed into a romantic endeavor. Accompanied by the larger family, the would-be couple could acceptably be left to their own devices in the outer reaches of the orchard, away from prying eyes. With this romantic notion in mind, we give you a dessert we love, our rendition of Tarte Tatin. Local, first-of-the-season apples are baked with an almond caramel and frangipane and served with its perfect companion of sweet cream laced with buttermilk and finished with vanilla sauce. Romance is in the harvest air.