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Truffles are the quintessential luxury product, making their way onto the plates of lucky diners just a few times a year. At The Kitchen, White Truffles and Black Périgords usually grace our menu during autumn and fall, while they’re in season. The summer truffle is the first and only truffle available during May to August and it leads us into the truffle season. Having a soft hazelnut-like aroma and grey-beige color when ripe, their interior is beautifully marbled, indicative of their truffle nature. Found in most European countries, wild summer truffles grow especially well in Mediterranean climates, showing affection for the shade underneath mature oak trees. They are extremely light in flavor, mirroring the summer season.

The Kitchen’s summer truffles are sourced from Connie Green, better know as the “Mushroom Lady” and owner of Wine Forest Wild Foods in the Napa Valley. Green is the leading wild food forager and purveyor in the US, with thirty years of experience behind her. She has been a pioneer in bringing wild grown foods into Northern California restaurant kitchens and has spent years educating chefs on her passion. We couldn’t be more grateful for that, as we’ve been working with Green for over fifteen years now to bring some of the best and most coveted truffles and mushrooms to our guests’ plates.

The quality of truffles coming from Green is undoubtedly the best, as she is selective in picking only the most perfectly ripe fungi she finds. Our Summer truffles make their way from Green’s forager friends in the French countryside to your plate within just a short week.