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The Kitchen – Now With Cocktails!
An Interview with our Sommelier, and a Favorite Cocktail Recipe

For over 25 years The Kitchen has served an award-winning Wine List and expertly curated craft beers. About 10 years ago we brought wonderful Japanese Sakes on board. Recently, we further expanded our beverage list to include some outstanding spirits, including Bourbon, Whisky, Rum and Brandy. And now our team has just begun to create and serve a very limited number of seasonally inspired, classic, and specialty cocktails. Here is Kitchen Sommelier Amitesh Diyal on the delicious details:

Q: Tell us a little about the new cocktails at The Kitchen and the idea/inspiration behind them.

Diyal: The cocktails were an inspiration from our collective team. We asked, “What would we like to drink on a warm, summer day?” Thus, the cocktails manifested themselves. We wanted to present some “straight shooters” with just a touch of the “Kitchen” flare. All of the options are light, easy to drink, and incredibly refreshing.

The Aperol Spritz

Q: Can you tell us about some of the cocktails you are now serving and a preview of what’s to come?

Diyal: Right now we have the Paper Plane, the Aperol Spritz, and White Peach Sangria. You’ll have to check back for more!

Q: How are the chefs collaborating on these cocktails?

Diyal: Our “Iron Chef,” Chef de Cuisine Allyson Harvie, has a close hand in working with local farmers. She actually has a major role in developing the syrups and the stunning garnishes that are a part of the cocktails.

Sommelier Tesh Diyal on stage presenting a cocktail

Q: When are these cocktails served? Do you get up to talk about them like the chefs talk about the food?

Diyal: The cocktails are available right from the time the doors open. I do present just one on stage during intermission as a featured cocktail.

Q: Any favorite spirits or inspirations for you?

Diyal: I’m a fan of bourbon! As such, it is fun to put a cocktail like the Paper Plane in front of a guest who says, “I don’t like Bourbon.” I like to challenge the notions that guests have of what they like and don’t like. You probably wouldn’t guess that the Paper Plane is made with Bourbon, yet everyone who has tried one has fallen in love with it!

A favorite – Elijah Craig Bourbon – will go into a cocktail

Q: How do the new cocktails enhance the guest experience?

Diyal: It’s a step forward for what the restaurant has to offer to round out the guest experience. We are excited to put something in front of guests that they may not have had the pleasure of experiencing at The Kitchen before.

Q: Anything else you’d like to share?

Diyal: As I say to all of our guests, take an Uber. I’m here to help you have a great time!

Q: And finally, how about a recipe?

Diyal: My favorite right now, the Paper Plane, is equal parts Elijah Craig Bourbon, Lemon Juice, Aperol, and Amaro Nonino.

The Paper Plane

Be sure to chat with Tesh and his team when you join us at The Kitchen, and try one of their new cocktails. Their goal is to help you select the perfect libations to enhance your dining experience.